Saturday, February 1, 2014

Preparation of Bidar Utsav 2014

Art camp begins & Preparations of Bidar Utsav 2014
Artists from across the State are participating in a camp organised as part of Bidar Utsav here on Friday.
K. K Makali of Hampi; Badiger D. M. of Dharwad; Vishwanath H. M of Jamakhandi; Sunil Mathad of Chikkodi; Kandan G. of Mangalore; N.R. Naikar of Dharwad; Ashok U. of Bangalore, Hugar S.V. of Mangalore; and Bhimrao Badiger, A G Hiremath and A. K Joshi of Bidar will take part in the event.
Observation artists such as Anilraj, Sandeep Sajjan, Gurla Shruti, Akash, Santosh Vanikeri, Vishwas, Santosh Chikkanna, Sachin Manolkar, and Yogish Mathad too will be present.
The district administration is supplying materials to artists and paying them honorarium to draw paintings.
‘Promoting heritage’
The art works will be exhibited on the last day of the Bidar Utsav. N. Dharam Singh, MP, inaugurated the camp. Art works created in the camp would serve to promote our cultural heritage, he said.
Mr. Singh suggested that district administration officials set up an art gallery. Senior artist Soma Shetty drew a painting of a folk dancer.

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