Friday, January 31, 2014

Head to Bidar Fort for a variety of programmes

Apart from cultural programmes, various other events will be held as part of Bidar Utsav, which is on February 1, 2 and 3, at the Bidar Fort.
An artists’ camp will be inaugurated on the royal kitchen premises on Friday. Artists will visit monuments and create their impressions.
Wrestling competitions will begin at the ‘akhada’ on Saturday, and bodybuilding competitions will be held at the Diwan-e-Khas on Sunday.
The following events will be held on all three days.
A photography exhibition will be held in memory of photojournalist Gulam Muntaqa, who passed away last year, in the reception chambers, next to the Rangeen Mahal.
Patang Utsav will be held on the Barood Khana premises outside the Chandni Chabutra inside the fort.
Adventure sports and events for children will be held outside the Chandni Chabutra.
There will be a fireworks display behind the main stage and a Krishi Mela and health mela will be held near Bommagondeshwar lake.

Prize Distribution Ceremony of Bidar Utsav 2014

Events such as Throwball, Running Race held at Bidar Utsav for Women

Large number of women and girls queued up to register for various events at the Bidar Utsav for Women, held as part of Bidar Utsav, on the National College grounds here on Thursday.
While some people had already picked out their teams, others formed teams on the spot. Anganwadi workers, who played cricket for half a day with students from the district sports hostel, were gracious in defeat. The winners celebrated by humming a film song and dancing.
Government employees and others formed teams to play throwball. Some of the participants were so caught up in the match that they continued to play even after the umpire blew the whistle.
A game that almost everyone wanted to be part of was musical chairs. In another game, participants won prizes if they managed to aim right and throw balls into boxes from a distance. Some of the participants took part in a running race.
Finally, women competed to see who could jump up and take a bite of the jalebis hanging above their heads. 

The event seemed to have brought out the child in them as they could not contain their glee every time they grabbed a jalebi. A total of six teams, including two of girls, four of women and one team of government employees, participated in the events.
Rathna Kalamdani, Deputy Director of Women and Child Development, Keerti, Tahsildhar (II), and other officials participated. Santoshamma Pundalikappa Koudyal, Zilla Panchayat President, inaugurated the sports events.

  Jalebi Eating Competition  

 Cricket Match

 Concessional Thali at Bidar Utsav 2014

Music Chair Compitation

 Release of Bidar Utsav 2014 Tea-Shirts

Thursday, January 30, 2014

All are Invited to Bidar Utsav 2014

Events on 29 January 2014


Zilla panchayat president Santoshamma Pundalikappa inaugurated a mini-marathon at the historical monument of Choubarah to launch the utsav. Hundreds of girls and women took part in the marathon from Choubarah to Bidar fort. Later, competitions like rangoli, mehendi, vegetable carving, fruit decoration, jhatpat cooking, painting, and debate competitions were held.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. P.C. Jaffer, and Additional Superintendent of Police G. Sangeeta were present. Sports events, including cricket, throw ball, musical chair, pot-breaking, stringing thermocol beads, jilebi and rope, lemon-spoon race and others would be held at the National College Grounds from 8 a.m on Thursday. Prize distribution and valedictory will be held in the evening.